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The Loco Positioning system is a local positioning system that is used to find the absolute 3D position of objects in space. It is in many ways similar to a miniature GPS system. The base of the system is a set of Anchors that are positioned in the room (compare to the satellites in GPS), they are the reference. The other part of the system is one or more Tags (compare to the GPS receiver) that are fixed to the object(s) that are to be tracked. By sending short high frequency radio messages between the Anchors and Tags, the system measures the distance from each Anchor to the Tags and calculates the position of the Tags from that information. By adding knowledge of its position to a Crazyflie 2.X it is capable of flying autonomously without manual control. This opens up an array of exciting use cases and applications.

For more information on the Loco Positioning System please see this Loco Positioning System page.