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Purchase orders and invoices

For customers that have purchasing routines where a direct order and payment using credit card in our E-store is not possible we offer payment via wire transfer. Quotes are generated directly in the E-store and ordering is done via email.

In addition we also give a 30-day credit for universities.

Requesting a quote

The quickest way to get a quote is to do it directly in our E-store. Create an account, put the desired items in the cart and then click the "Request quote" button on the cart page.

Note that the address is part of the user information. If you can not see any address when generating the quote you have to click "My Account" in the top bar and add an address to the user information.

Placing the order

To place an order, either from a quote or directly if we're already set-up in your purchasing system, send an email with the PO and/or quote to

Payment and credit

For universities we offer a 30-day credit from when the goods have arrived. For companies a credit can be requested but it determined on a case-to-case basis.

Various documentation

Many universities and companies have routines that require various documentation to be completed by vendors. If this is the case then please drop us an email at with the requests.

Purchases in other currencies than USD

Our E-store only supports purchases in USD. For sales on invoice we support EUR and SEK in addition to USD.