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For more frequently asked questions about our products please see the FAQ on our main website.

I can't buy online and need a quote and/or invoice?

Please have a look at our Purchase order and invoice page for more details. Note that we do not accept payment via check since we're not able to cash them.

I'm having issues with a product I have ordered, what should I do?

Depending on what type of issue you're experiencing there's a couple of different ways to go:

Are there any additional costs when ordering products?

All our orders are shipped from Sweden. Ordering goods that will be shipped internationally might incur charges when being imported to the destination country.

What is the shipping cost?

We have multiple options for shipping. Please see our Terms and conditions for more information about insured and uninsured shipments.

Due to the fact that some of our products contain Li-Po batteries orders containing these products needs special care. Therefore we can only offer to ship orders containing these products with FedEx International Priority.

Due to new regulation we will add an extra fee of ~45 USD for shipping on orders that contain more than two spare batteries per Crazyflie. This extra fee will be shown at checkout when the shipping cost is calculated.