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AI-deck color camera module

AI-deck color camera module

SKU: 800000003

This is a color (Bayer RGB) camera module to exchange the monochrome camera module for, which comes with the AI-deck 1.1. This is handy if you want to work with color images.


    • Himax HM01B0-ANA color compact camera module
    • Ultra low power (ULP) 
      • Less than 4mW at QVGA 60FPS
      • Less than 2mW at QVGA 30FPS, 
      • Less than 1.1mW at QQVGA 30FPS.
    • High sensitivity 3.6μ BrightSense TM pixel technology
    • 324 x 324 pixel
      • 324 x 244 window mode up to 60FPS
      • 2x2 monochrome binning mode up to 120FPS
    • Black level calibration circuit
    • Automatic exposure and gain control loop
    • Self-oscillator and motion detection circuit with interrupt output to reduce host computation
    • Commands to optimize the system power consumption

    Package Contents

    • 1 x Himax HM01B0-ANA color (Bayer RGB) camera module



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